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Why does conventional match making fail?

Ever wondered why a couple who had 30 or more gunas matched out of 36 before getting married fell apart within the first year of marriage? Or why a couple could not conceive even after several years of marriage, despite match-making? Or the spouse passed away even when several gunas matched before marriage?

We know that birth charts are prepared on the basis of the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of the native.  Typically, in vedic astrology, the birth chart depicts the position of all the planets, their degrees, direction and state (combust or not), along with the rashi and nakshatra where it is placed.  For conventional match-making, we require the moon rashi and the moon nakshatra of the native, which are pre-allocated different values on account of eight parameters, varna, vashya, tara, yoni, grahmaitri, gana, bhakoot and nadi.  Varna has 1 point vashya has 2, tara is allocated 3 points, while yoni has 4, grahmaitri consists of 5 points and gana, bhakoot and nadi carry 6, 7 and 8 points respectively. These parameters are matched with the similar values of birth moon nakshtra and rashi of the girl or the boy.  When the total of guna match after comparison exceeds 20 guna, it is considered to be an acceptable match.  Conversely, the total of guna match below 18 is not considered as an acceptable match.  The higher the guna match score, the better the match is considered..

But, anyone with a basic knowledge of astrology will understand that moon remains in a nakshatra for almost 26 hours and 40 minutes.  This means that we are completely ignoring the chart of the native which depicts how his marital life, his children and / or spouse will be.  I believe the charts of the boy and the girl should be evaluated on the following parameters along with guna match before deciding whether it is a good match or not:

  • Life, health and age of the native
  • Marital life & Children
  • Income, profession, financial position & financial stability
  • Family, friends and social standing of the native.

Though this is a subjective study, I understand can be of great value and the chances of a disturbed marriage can substantially be reduced if not completely eliminated. Reasonable score on match making, no violation of fundamental astrology principles and individually a good chart of the boy and the girl is what needs to be examined.

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