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In the study of Vedic Astrology, the nine planets considered are – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Out of these planets – Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered ‘malefic’. Saturn being the farthest of these planets takes almost 10,759 days to revolve around the Sun amounting to 29.457 years, precisely. This implies that in each sign, it transits for two and a half years.

Whenever Saturn transits through 12th, 1st and 2nd of the moon sign of the natïve, the period is called “Sadesati, meaning, seven and a half years of Saturn. Also, when Saturn transits through 4th and 8th signs of the native’s moon sign, this period is known as ‘dhaiya’ or two and a half years. However, it is extremely important to evaluate Saturn’s effects on an individual from its position in Lagna chart, Rashi chart, Navmaansh and Arudha Lagna. Historically, the sadesati or dhaiya period is considered inauspicious for two reasons –

  1. Saturn is known to be the planet of justice
  2. Saturn is known for its malefic results

Effects of Sadesati and Dhaiya

The malefic results of Saturn include financial loss, difficulties and troubles in life, loss of reputation, disturbed family and marital life, sickness and poor health conditions, litigation and punishment from the government and death in the close and immediate families.

Factors Considered While Evaluating Effects of Sadesati

It has been observed that not all the three parts of sadesati give bad results. And, the fourth dhaiya is not as bad as the eighth dhaiya. In transit, when Saturn is in favorable signs, the effects of sadesati are generally diluted. In other words, saturn’s transit during sadesati of an individual through Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius is generally not as bad. In fact, it has been seen to give extremely good results also. Though, effects of sadesati on individuals need to be evaluated on various parameters including:

  1. The native’s lagna chart
  2. The native’s navmaansh
  3. Mahadasha – Antardasha
  4. Position of other malefic and benefic planets during different parts of sadesati
  5. Position of Saturn in the native’s lagna chart.

Effects of Sadesati on Different Rashis

Rashi Starting from 1st part of sadesati 2nd part of sadesati 3rd part of sadesati
Mesh 29 March 2025 Normal Bad Good
Vrushabh 3 June 2027 Bad Good Normal
Mithun 17 April 2030 Normal Normal Bad
Kark 31 May 2032 Normal Bad Bad
Sinh 13 July 2034 Bad Bad Normal
Kanya 27 August 2036 Bad Normal Good
Tula 22 October 2038 Normal Good Bad
Vrishchik 28 January 2041 Normal Bad Bad
Dhanu 11 December 2043 Bad Bad Good
Makar 7 December 2046 Bad Good Good
Kumbh 24 January 2020 Normal Good Bad
Meen 29 April 2022 Normal Normal Bad

Effects of Dhaiya on Different Rashis

Rashi 4th Dhaiya Starting From 8th Dhaiya Starting from
Mesh Bad 13 July 2034 Bad 11 December 1943
Vrushabh Bad 27 August 2036 Bad 7 December 2046
Mithun Normal 22 October 2038 Normal 24 January 2020
Kark Good 28 January 2041 Bad 29 April 2022
Sinh Bad 11 December 2043 Bad 29 March 2025
Kanya Normal 7 December 2046 Bad 3 June 2027
Tula Good 24 January 2020 Normal 17 April 2030
Vrishchik Normal 29 April 2022 Bad 31 May 2032
Dhanu Bad 29 March 2025 Bad 13 July 2034
Makar Bad 3 June 2027 Bad 27 August 2036
Kumbh Normal 17 April 2030 Bad 22 October 2038
Meen Normal 31 May 2032 Normal 28 January 2041

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