Can I re-schedule or cancel my appointment?

The appointment can be re-scheduled or cancelled by paying the re-scheduling or cancellation mentioned below:

Days Rescheduling charges Cancellation charges
More than 3 days 0 10%
Less than 3 days 10% 25%
Appointment day 25% 50%

The amount will be refunded based on the charges mentioned above.

How to get the birth details modified if there is a change in the one entered before?

The birth details can be modified by sending an email to [email protected] by giving full details of the name, date and time of the appointment. However, no refund will be made.

What if one forgets to ask a question during a session and remembers it later, will that be considered under the same slot?

Supplementary questions will be considered in the same slot if the question is sent on the same day or the next day of the appointment. Any questions sent later will require separate consultation.

Can someone include more than one chart in a slot?

Yes in a slot you can discuss up to two charts and also you only can decide the time allocation.The cost of preparing two charts is also included in the booking.

Is it possible to get the chart in any other language then Hindi ?

Yes. The chart can be provided in any other language at an additional cost of Rs. 100 per chart. Hindi, English, Gujrati, Marathi and Kannad are the available languages.

Match Making

Why there is no slot booking in match making?

Match making is a primary analysis if a proposal is worth going ahead for matrimony purpose. This analysis is based on the birth detail of the boy and the girl. To know more about the prospective match you need a regular consultation

Is the match making report conclusive?

The match making is done on the basis of Ashtkoot Milan, its evaluation and comprehensive study of the charts of the boy and the girl. We shed light on all the aspects which are conclusive enough to decide whether to go ahead with a proposal or not. However, it is an expert’s opinion and may differ from other experts.

How important is the birth time accuracy for match making?

Extremely important, as wrong birth time will lead to wrong results and conclusions. However, in certain cases difference of 10-15 minutes may not affect the result and the conclusion.

Are the charges applicable if the opinion is negative?

Yes, the charges are applicable even if the opinion is negative. The charges are for the effort and the analysis and not the results

How to check the opinion of the earlier match making done?

All the match making reports are shared with you on google drive and we keep them till the native remains unmarried. In case it is not shared, you can request to share by providing your gmail ID.

Can we get the match making report in any language other than Hindi?

The match making report can be provided in English, Gujarati, Marathi and Kannad , other than Hindi, if required, at an additional cost of Rs. 50/- per match.  The expert opinion, however, will be on English / Hindi only on Hindi chart report.

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