We study and analyse the birth chart of the native in detail. This discloses the various facets of his personality physical appearance, nature, likes, dislikes, approach, qualities, strengths & weaknesses. This also suggests health, education, profession, career, relationships, marital life, achievements, success and failures in his life. We then assess the important events and life path of the individual.

Bharat, with his immense knowledge and experience is an appropriate person to discuss the chart of any individual.
Gem stone recommendations based on the birth chart are also made.

So, book your slot now, and get in touch with him from the comfort of your home or office by video or audio conferencing.

For discounted prices on family appointments, please get in touch with us.

* A slot is 60 Minutes gross length of time at a single stretch which can include up to two charts for discussion. You only decide how much time to be spent on which chart. If you chose to discuss only one chart you have full hour at your disposal.

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