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Important planetary transit on 13-9-2020

Today, i.e. 13 September 2020 is an auspicious day that we are all lucky to witness. Today forms a unique positive planetary combination that is very rare. Rare to the extent that no astrologer would have seen such a combination in reference to any chart in his or her lifetime, and that this situation is not discussed or dreamt off even in the best astrological Shastra. We can understand the significance of the combination through a chart. As per Lahiri Ephemeris, the planetary position as on 13-09-2020 at 11:00 am is as under:

Planet Rashi Degrees Nakshtra
Sun Singh 26045 U. Phalguni
Moon Kark 00014 Punarvasu
Mars Mesh 03056’ Ashwini
Mercury Kanya 17018 Hasta
Jupiter Dhanu 23017 P. Shadha
Venus Kark 13029 Pushya
Saturn Makar 01027 U. Shadha
Rahu Mithun 00037 Mrigshira
Ketu Dhanu 00037 Moola

In Vedic astrology, whenever three or more planets are placed in their own house or the house of exaltation, the chart is considered very good. To see four planets in their own signs or exalted sign is less common if not rare. To see six planets placed in their own house is a very rare phenomenon. In the table above, we observe that out of the seven planets, six are placed in their own sign and in a very good navmansh or nakshatra. Even Rahu and Ketu, which are otherwise considered as imaginary planets, are placed in very favourable signs today (13 September 2020), which speaks volumes of how good the planetary combinations on this day are. It is important to mention here, that this is happening only according to the calculations of Vedic astrology. Western astrology calculates the planetary positions by tropical longitude and latitudes of the planets while the Indian system follows sidereal calculations for planetary longitude and latitude.

But the more important question is, what will happen due to this planetary position? Astrologers may have varying opinions regarding this, but I believe, that the biggest beneficiaries of this will be the people born in such a combination with favourable lagna, as they will get its advantage throughout the life. All other people may hardly have its effect in their routine life as this is not going to last for more than 2 days.  Chandrama will be heading for a change towards Singh rashi and Amavasya, Jupiter will become direct and in a stand still position. Same is with Mars, as it has become retrograde and is extremely slow. By 16th September, the Sun will also change its sign thereby abolishing the uniqueness of the combination.

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